Gemini Blvd finished their set with Zedd’s ‘Clarity’. Somewhat of a risky song choice for the competition setting because of its popularity, but the soloist here did a stunning job. Controlled, clear belting that was very impressive. There was an interesting utilization of a story line between the soloist and a male lead that kept the audience involved.
— The A Cappella Blog. Colleen Wilcox.
Alexis Mativi plays the lonely librarian Marian Paroo. Her voice is sweet and her character is strong. Mativi does the songs ‘Goodnight, My Someone’ and ‘Till There Was You’ justice with clear classical voice training, but not overwhelming.
— Broadway World Orlando. Kimberly Moy.
The detail at every turn is exquisite, the revelations seemingly endless [...] Even after all this time, even for someone who has been to the park in Florida, who has read the books with three children, sat through the films a dozen times each, and recently made 30 floating candles, three dozen chocolate frogs and a forest of Golden Snitch cake pops for her youngest Potter fan’s birthday, even for me, Rowling’s wizarding world is just as magical as it ever was.
— Los Angeles Times. Mary MacNamara.
Of course, while in Hogsmeade, one simply must catch a performance of the hauntingly beautiful Hogwarts Frog Choir.
— Mice Chat. Norman Gidney.